I have literally been overwhelmed from the response I have received about my blog and diagnosis. I feel truly blessed to have so many people supporting me and getting behind me. I have been sent the most beautiful, heart felt, open messages from friends, family, family members I have never met and complete strangers. There has been a real sense of shared experience, people telling me their stories of similar diagnosis and positive outcomes, stories of incredible recovery, filling me everyday with hope and optimism. THANK YOU ALL SO, SO, SO MUCH.

I also have a confession, I lied.  There is no way I can write things in real time – there’s just too much going on and too much at the moment to process. But here’s a wee update on last Monday’s events, more to follow…

So, I’m 28, I’m in an amazing relationship, I love babies, I want babies, lots of babies if I’m rich enough (no pressure Baz), so of course my main concern when I found out I’d be having chemo was how it was going to affect my fertility. I can take losing my hair, losing my eyebrows, having my body battered by chemicals but I would be absolutely devastated if it meant I couldn’t conceive. If I’d been given ABVD chemo then it would have been very unlikely that my fertility would have been affected at all. But no I got the big, bad BEACOPP chemo – which, wait for it, decreases fertility by 50%. GUTTED.

Once again my knight in shining armour Chris K came to the rescue. He knew of an amazing, pioneering charity ‘Future Fertility Trust’ working with females with cancer from the age of 0 (yes zero, as in new born) up to 25 years old, helping them to preserve their fertility using pioneering medical techniques and technology.

Cue the most inspirational super woman I have ever met – Sheila Lane. She is a top children’s cancer consultant, a Professor in Oncology at Oxford University, oh yeah and did I forget to mention she also set up and is the Director of ‘Future Fertility Trust’? And she still manages to breeze into her consulting room with her pink lipstick on, Prada handbag casually swinging from her arm like it’s all just in a day’s work. She is a bloody super woman, her passion for what she does is infectious, her positivity and compassion for her patients oozes out of her. She is a force to be reckoned with and I have never met anyone that I have respected more, I am in awe of her, she is an incredible woman.

The treatment itself involved me going under a general and having my little right ovary removed via key hole surgery. My little ovary was then taken to an ovary bank, the outer cortex where all the eggs live was cut into into 50-100 strips and then frozen to -170 until I decide I want to use them. As and when I need an extra egg boost they will fuse some of these strips onto my left ovary, give it 4 months or so and hey presto! I should be able to conceive. My surgeon was also this cool as fuck German guy called Christian who made me promise him, with my fingers crossed that I would get better – I promise you Christian I will get better.

Lots of people have offered to help me in anyway they can. I admit, a slightly cheeky request but a wonderful way of helping me, albeit indirectly, would be to donate to Future Fertility Trust– even if just £1. They have no NHS funding, and rely completely on donations to support the organisation, however the complete treatment is totally free to me (I have no idea how much it costs but I’m sure it is into the £10s of thousands). As Sheila put it “Every woman should be entitled to and have the right to protecting their fertility regardless of whether they are rich or poor” – can’t argue with that.

Please check out the Trust’s website here

If you fancy donating please click here

They know that this way of preserving fertility works and has a really high success rate, however as it’s such a pioneering, new treatment there have only been 100 or so babies born around the world as a result of it and there are yet to be any babies born in the UK – so I’m thinking it would be pretty cool if I gave birth to the first ever baby in the UK to be born via this technique…… Just saying


  1. Ariane! You are Super women! Your blog is truly inspiring, as are you! I wish you a speedy recovery and nothing but the best! Sophie x


  2. You are one of the strongest and up beat people I know (also super hot) and I know if anyone can beat this its you I wish you all the best and thinking of you at this time 😘😘😘


  3. Hi Ariane, firstly wishing you all the best wishes for your treatment and kudos for sharing your positivity through this blog. We are linked tenuously through Steph Millard, my wife is her friends cousin….as I said tenuous. Anyway my wife was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s at 17 and went through her own battle with multiple chemos, radiotherapy and finally a bone marrow transplant in 2003, she is now 13 years clear and in 2014 (with some assistance from the amazing people at the fertility clinic at Southmead) we welcomed our little girl Meira into the world. In my wife’s case she was so far along they were not able to freeze any eggs, and the incredible procedure that you have had didn’t exist. Despite this we were still able to conceive with my wife’s own eggs and our toddler is now in complete control of the household. I just wanted to share with you a positive story re the fact that cancer can have its arse kicked and your fertility odds are to an extent irrelevant…we were told 15%. You have buckets of positivity and by all accounts an amazing partner and both will serve you well. Best wishes and regards Michael, Hayley and Meira.


  4. Wow, very inspirational Ariane! What a woman! You will have those babies for sure, healing is all about state of mind! A friend of my husbands had quite advanced Hodgkin’s lymphoma and he fought it and is now completely in the clear and has had two beautiful children and built an amazing, highly profitable estate agency business! 💗

    I live in Essex and am also a personal coach, helping women deal with all sorts of issues. If you need any support I’d be happy to donate coaching sessions to you or other women via the future fertility trust. Check out my site http://www.onlyoneelle.com feel free to contact me anytime. 😘😘😘


  5. Ariane, just want you to know that all your family in Worcestershire are thinking of you everyday. We are all so proud of how you are fighting this with such dignity. If any of us can do anything at all for you or your family please just ask. We are here for you all.
    Much love and support
    Love Joanna xxxxxx


  6. I’m a friend of Emmy’s and heard about you the other day (knowing you through stories of past gatherings in New Cross)… what a wonderful blog! Sending positive energy your way x x


  7. Epic blog! Love it, totally rocking the gown as well 🙂 Going to donate now – such an amazing organisation. xxx


  8. This was my first concern also, hearing the news, because I know how damn broody you (we!) are! I wasn’t sure how to bring up the subject as assumed it was bleak and just another disappointing part of being sick. So I cannot tell you how pleased I am to hear that you have received this amazing treatment!
    Dear future miracle babies, I cannot wait to kiss your little heaven-sent heads!!
    I have passed your blog on to the artist, Rosie Beard, she says you sound like an “incredible lady”… she’s right!
    Loads of love gorgeous woman!!
    (p.s. who else on earth can look so glam in a damn hospital gown for goodness sake?!)


  9. Thinking of you everyday lovely lady. Hopefully all the comments on the blog will drip feed you strength from lots of unexpected places xx


  10. Love your blogs. In total awe of your bravery and attitude it’s incredible! Sending you lots of love and strength xx


  11. Hi Ariane, you look so like your mother, she is a strong woman and so are you. Sending my love and best wishes to you. You are going to beat this!

    (From your Aunt Dora’s BFF). Alberta


  12. Well, its incredibly clear to see what a strong women you are! Go and kick that cancers butt!! Show it what you’re made of! Having humour at a time like this is EVERYTHING! I know I haven’t seen you in years and we don’t really know each other well but you are in my thoughts! I’ll be continuing to read on as you frighten that son of a bitch out of your body! Go Ariane!! X


  13. You’re amazing Ariane. And i’ve never seen anyone look so good in a hospital gown you mega babe! Sending lots of love x


  14. Darling Ariane, I have been following your posts. You are Wonder Woman and I’m so, so proud to know such a f*cking strong woman. You, sister are everything. Keep doing what you’re doing. Strength in numbers and we are all here for you. So much love to you xxx


  15. Bloody hell,Ariane.Someone make this required reading!
    Just been blown away by your kick ass attitude,humour and honesty.(Think I know where you get that feistiness from!) Loving your support for our NHS and the absolute heroes we put our trust in to get us well again.So much admiration for you,your family and the magnificent Barry.Glad you’re home in our little rural retreat down the lane while you treatment lasts.Keep inspiring and informing all of us.
    Now reading up about the Future Fertility Trust and the amazing and pioneering work
    that they do.You’re doing a great job raising awareness (donation done!)
    You listening,cancer?This beautiful,talented,sassy girl is way too busy making plans to waste her time on you.F***ing do one.
    Sending lots of love and positive vibes over the garden fence.You go,girl!!!!!!!Annexxxx


  16. Ariane! Iv read everything you’ve written and truley feel that if any one can kick cancers ass it’s you! You are and always have been one of the strongest women I know. I will be thinking of your journey and be behind you 100%


  17. Such a amazing blog. Sad to hear your news but reading this i feel so much admiration for you! wishing you the best lovely and am so impressed by you .you positively rock girl!! X


  18. Hi Ariane,

    You don’t know me, but I saw your blogpost shared by Emily Parker-Barrett. I just wanted to say firstly: you have a kickass blog and are clearly an even more kickass woman!

    And secondly, I know everyone walks a different path, but if it’s at all any consolation my dad had stage 3 colon cancer at 21 years old two years after losing his mum from colon cancer. That’s so rare they don’t even have a statistic for it! He had half his bowel resected and a whack of chemo and went on to beat it, move to Africa, meet his wife, and have three children. He will turn 60 this year with no relapses 🙂 It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

    Also, my aunt was diagnosed by the Nhs last year with stage 3B breast cancer. It was a hellish year, but on the first anniversary of her diagnosis she she was given the all clear and we had a party for her – she got her good body back and danced all night to ABBA with her best friend! 🙂 The Nhs took such good care of her, we need to fight to keep them around, and you!

    Sending much love and strength- if only from a stranger.
    Emma Xxxx


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